Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm listening to a happy song

Happy song, but im not happy im just not happy.
Someone make me happy,
oh thats right something, or someone, CANT make me happy.
But I'm yet to learn that, because I am young and I am stupid
And because I stopped going to therapy.
God dammit I miss my shrink literally IF and thats a BIG IF I could afford to see her once a week every week for the rest of my life (Or hers) I would.
Because then atleast I could make sense of everything in my head.

HOW can you just go missing..
How can you MAKE a POINT to call me for no reason..
TWO days in a row... and then finish talking to me.. and then I call you to say something stupid and then you call me back and talk for an HOUR
and then you just disapear.. and your happy.

But you miss me?
You miss me???
You miss me like apparently, I was just there.. and now I am gone.
I wasn't just there
and NO
you haven't seen me for a year
I don't believe you dont have a girlfriend because that would make me the god damn stupidest human being in the world.

Okay I took a breather..
gave the dog a cuddle and I feel better.

I'm just really angry.
That things are..
So complicated.


De'May said...

Aww, thankyou for the comment dear. Means heaps!!
And be happy. Boys are yuck. Dog cuddles are swell though!! xo