Monday, March 9, 2009

Living without a mother will teach you the following

1- That a mothers hug is quite possibly the safest and best place you will ever be
2- That you'll never realise just how much you MISS being nagged when it doesn't happen
3- That no one, no friend, no family member, no animal can EVER take that place or even come close
4- That the shear anger you feel when you see someone treating a parent they still have like shit
5- That there a things that ONLY a mother can teach you, things you will undoubtably learn the hard way
6- That words of advice you once thought to be un thoughtful and un true ring through your ears on a daily basis.
7- That each day you spend on this earth without her, is a little bit harder when you realise all the things you'll miss.


B said...

I'm sorry she is not here with you.

I bet you miss her like anything.