Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sharing some memories

So I thought i'd share a few memories with everyone who is reading this(oh lets be honest.. no ones reading this)

Its a girl.. after a short labour.. which mum was told would take hours here I was..
The third child and only daughter to Ron & Alana

Me, my dad and my big brother.

Bath time..

Me and my nanna.
She passed away in 1997..
loved her very very much

Nap time..

I was always a very well behaved child..

I always liked cuddles though..

I was always quite the artist

me and mum on my third birthday.
Notice the heaps cool princess cake she made me..
it was the best!!!

We were the coolest kids on the block

So there you have it.. if your still reading this....
Well done, google totally kicked my butt while i was trying to post this.
I first tried to link in from photobucket.
HUGE failure..
Then google blocked my IP.. I know right like im some hacker..
So i'm using a proxy to get around that.

anyway.. i hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Oh and look what happened to me this morning!!!

I'm glad I was half asleep otherwise I would have been more angry.

Oh crap I think google is after me because everything has suddenly slowed..

If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave a comment and i'll answer :)


Sarah said...

What happened to your car?! Did you back into something?

Just Caz said...

haha no..
I was driving in a carpark.. someone obviously didnt see me in there blind spot and they just opened the door!
my poor car, didnt have a scratch on her.. now shes going in for repairs

Rebecca Louise. said...

Your car! Hope it is fixed soon!

I love seeing some of the chronicles to your life! Spesh the princess cake...where was I?! lol. xxx.

Ezza said...

Hello, stumbled upon you from jenepper's blog. Look forward to hearing from you more :)