Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She works hard for the money

So hard for it hunny.
I'm at WORK.
I shouldnt be updating my blog, but I haven't really done much of anything recently.
Sales have tanked, which means...
I have little to do.
I'm trying to plug away in photoshop.. But its hard really.

I've put togerther sales reports.
And updated whatever it is I CAN.
But at the moment there just isn't a whole lot to do.

I got my BONUS yesterday.
Everyone was really disapointed... So here I was.. Thinking its going to be a 2 figure, or even three figure sum.

I got a 4 figure bonus... I wasn't disapointed... Not in the slightest.
It will help me out in leaps and bounds.
I guess it shows how ungreatful my workmates are, and how they come to expect more.
Sure it would have been nice if the 4th quarter last year was as good as the other three. The bonus would have been double. But who cares.
You get, what you're given and you shouldnt be ungreatful.

Since my conversation with my dad he hasn't come home.
I think he's too GUTLESS to come home and face me after all the things he said.
God it makes me angry just thinking about it.
I was so upset after that conversation that I creid so much and hyperventailated.
But I'm over it now.

My brother and fiance' just brought a house "pending finance"
And they say I can definatly stay with them for a few months.
I am happy with that.

Anyway.. I could go on ad on..
But I'll stop talking and start working (attempting to work)

Hope everyones having a good day.

Oh and Congrats to JB and H(work colleuge) on the birth of there Son
Jordan Connor, born at 6:10am this morning weight 3.4kgs.
I know it probably doesn't make much sense to use the Intials and then state the babies name..
But I'm not really scared about people finding my blog.. Because I've googled myself 10 times over.
and it doesn't come up :)