Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Powerful Cycle

So a few days ago? or was it yesterday
I was bitching about me period being late.
Can I take that back?
Seriously, go away.

I realised this morning by about 9am why my pants wouldnt fit this morning.
4 hours later, I was still doubled over in pain at about 12:30 I headed off to grab some lunch because I thought that couldnt hurt I hadn't eaten...
I was wrong.

Crawled back into the office and informed one of the boys (I work in a department made up of only men) that I had a "stomach bug" and to let my boss (who was at lunch) That I had got home.

I raced home, literally speeding..
But stopped to pick up some naprogesic.. and a heat pack because I was still in so much Pain.. I couldnt believe it.

I hate when the only relief you get is sitting on the toilet.
thats the last place you want to be.
So its coming from everywhere.
Then I realise hang on.. I'm going to vomit as well.
Im not a good vomiter.. my stomach is very sensitive.. I heave like you wouldnt believe and I end up with broken capailries in the face.

So finally, im done spewing, pooing, peeing and changing tampons and giving myself drugs.
I get my heat pack and crawl into bed.. its so hot that it burns me.. I dont care.. I cant feel it. I just need relief dammit

No time for Pj's.
Bra, undies in bed heat pack alternating between lower back and lower stomach.
and then by some miracle of nature.
I fall asleep.
It was a restless sleep.. but when I awake.. about 2 hours later.
Still groggy, with a yucky stomach but no cramps..

After a few hours my brother and his girlfriend got home.;
I rested a bit more, talked to a friend.
I go outside and I say "I've never been this sick because of my period"
And she goes "oh I got mine too"

I get up, and I wack her in the arm.
You did this to me.
Your hormones made me late! They dragged out my cycle to get me into SYNC with you.


I had no lived solidly with any other women since july last year.
And I forgot.
I forgot how my body always does this..
We used to be miles apart.. but as the last few months have gone on.. we have slowly and surley come togerther.

I know its not her fault.
But after a day like today.. I sadly wanted to blaim her.
Oh well..
Unfortunatly I've got alot of this to get used to.