Monday, March 23, 2009

Immaculate Conception

* Warning this post is stupid

Immaculate conception is something thats has never been proven.
Right now, im sitting here and thinking to myself..
Why is my period late?
It's NEVER been late.. and when I say never.. I mean never.
8 years..
Every month.
ON time, as predicted.. between 28-31 days.

3 days ago I had a spot of blood.
WTF I don't spot.
I never spot.
A few twinges of pain.. and then NOTHING.

This month I wanted to start birth control.
Am I planning on preventing pregnancy ???
No.. no not really.
I want my periods to be lighter and for it to possibly help clear my skin.
So here I sit.. 32 cycle days later.
And for a brief second a though crosses my mind.

"Could I be like that really freaky chick on house who was a virgin but managed to somehow impregnate herself and be both the mother AND father to her baby?"

No caragh.. you couldnt.
Thats a ridiculous thought.
Its even less likly than getting pregnant from a toilet seat..
Less likely?
Hell I dont even think thats been proven...

And if WANTING children and thinking about having babies... suddenly got you pregnant.. wouldn't all those good people who are struggling with infertility suddenly be knocked up.

I truely think I am becoming obsessed with this though.. I mean I'm NOT about to go out and get pregnant.

Health wise, im probably at a great time in my life to start poping out kids.
But I'm not that selfish.. its not just about MY life, MY wants..
I have to think about what is best for said future child.
So anyway, not pregnant or planning on being anytime soon..

So seriously where the fuck is my period?????