Thursday, March 19, 2009

About me- With a picture of one of my tattoo's!

A Little About Me
1) Eye ColourGreen, with a brown spot on the right side of my left eye.. dont you forget it!!
2) Hair ColourBlonde.. natually.. and normally light but the lady wrecked it last time i had it done.
3) Height5'4 and a bit..
4) Right or Left Handedright handed
5) Your WeaknessPeople who say all the right things...
6) Your FearsSpiders...and not having children
7) Your Most Overused Phrasefuck.. im sorry its true
8) Thoughts First Waking UpWHY WHY WHY
9) Your Best Physical Featureeyes
10) Your BedtimeWhenever I want!!
11) Pepsi or CokeCoke
12) McDonalds or Burger Kingmmmmm buger king or hungry jacks as its known in Australia
13) Ice Cream or YogurtIce cream
14) Pizza or ChinesePIZZA
15) Waffles or Pancakesmmm pancakes
16) Single or Group DatesSingle for sure
17) Lipton Ice Tea or Nesteaneither
18) Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
19) Cappuccino or Coffeecoffee
20) Do You SmokeYes(I am thinking about quiting.. so thats better than not thinking about it)
21) Do You DrinkRarely
22) Do You SwearConstantly
23) Do You Singalways
24) Do You Shower Dailyyes
25) Do You Flosserr not as much as i should
26) Do You Driveyes.. love it
27) Have You Been In LoveYes
28) Have You Ever Cheated On Your Bf/Gfnope
29) Do You Want To Get Marriednope
30) Do You Believe in YourselfNot a whole heap
31) Do You Get Motion Sicknessnope yayyyyyyyy
32) Do You Think You are Attractivenooo
33) Do You Get Along With Your Parentsnot anymore
34) Do You Have Any Brothers or SistersYes, two older brothers
35) Do You Like ThunderstormsYES!!! as long as im safe
36) Do You Play an InstrumentI can sing.. this is all
37) Do You Have any PetsMax and Molly <3 I heart my puppies
38) What Is Your Favorite ColourPurple
39) In the past month have you Drank Alcoholyes
40) In the past month have you Smokedyes
41) In the past month have you been on Drugsdoes the pill count?
42) In the past month have you gone on a DateI wish!
43) In the past month have you gone to a Mallyup, but in australia we call them shopping centres
44) In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreosno
45) In the past month have you eaten Sushiyes
46) In the past month have you gone Skinny Dippingno
47) In the past month have you Stolen Anythingno
48) Ever Been Drunkyes 13-18.. then after that not so much
49) Ever Been Called a Teaseyes
50) Ever Shopliftednoooooooo
51) Ever Gotten a Speeding Ticketyes two in two weeks but thats it
52) Ever Had a Secret Crushyes :(
53) Ever Been to DisneyNO!
54) When Was the Last Time You Were DrunkMonths ago
55) When Was the Last Time You Were on a PlaneLast year
56) When Was the Last Time You Heard "I Love You"a month ago?
57) When Was the Last Time You Criedsunday!!
58) Number of PiercingsNone
59) Number of Tattoos3
60) Number of Things in My Past I Regret189327189273918274895729482
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