Saturday, March 28, 2009


So.. A few weeks ago after seeing a "half off"
Sign on the window of the place I get my eye brow wax..
I decided to get some Microdermabrasion.
Now I'am not overly girly.
I do wear make up, and occasionally paint nails, and get a wax.
But my skin has been terrible lately, and i thought it couldnt hurt...

And well
It didnt hurt.. it didnt hurt a bit (okay one of the masks stung a little)
But oh my god, I am in love with my face.
It feels like a baby's bottom.
And I am SO serious when I say this.. It honestly does!!!!
I've been told it would also get better as the dead skin (eww) fell away.
SO im a convert..
I managed to sign myself up to get it done once a month for 5 more months.
6( for the price of 4)

And she put mineral makeup on me as well which looks great.
But I managed to walk out without making that expensive purchase because I had to do the other one up front.

I feel great.