Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Cigarettes

I did it, one week and I only cheated

And I got no satisfaction from it at all.
Oh the joy, the joy of knowing I am stronger than this addiction!
boo at you for holding onto my health and my money for so long.

In other news..
I didn't work today, or I did work but I didn't work hard.
It was one of those days where I was SICK of working hard.
SICK of achieving things and then not getting any credit for it.
So I didn't do much, it was kinda like.. a mini holiday.

I am on a health kick, yes I know its overdue and If I'd shut my mouth and stuck too it last time, I wouldn't be this big to begin with but oh well.

Let me start by saying..
I walked 1 hour yesterday to the shops and back I haven't done this in YEARS.
I made my lunch today.
I made my dinner today.
I tracked my calorie intake today (just over 1500)
I walked for 30 minutes today.
I organized to rent a tread mill.
And I've had more than 3 lt of water today! I think this is also a first.

So positive, positive changes, positive attitude, positive goals.



Bella said...

I'm so impressed by all your positive changes! Congrats on only one cigarette, that is really awesome! Be proud of yourself and keep it up!!!

Friday said...

Hey Chick... Well done on the not smoking.

I read yr last post and I felt exactly the same way when I quit but I did it cold turkey so it may not be the meds but just the whole withdrawal thing.

I was miserable, i honestly felt like I was in mourning. The despair was pretty big. They say kicking ciggies is harder to beat than heroin and we know fucked that shit is so be proud of yrself. If you can do this, youcan do anything.

Good work!