Sunday, September 20, 2009

300th Post

I can't believe this is my 300th post.
It seems like only yesterday I was diving back into the world of blogging to save me from myself.
I was confused, upset, lost and feeling without hope.
But the kind people in the blogging community took me under their wings and have helped to nurse me back to strength.
The friendship, advice, empathy and compassion I have received from so many wonderful people will never be forgotten.
As I primarily follow IF and pregnancy blogs I am now finding that these are more and more turning into family blogs.
I pray each and everyday for all the wonderful women and parents who are hoping and doing everything in there power to become parents.
I pray that your time will come just as it has for many of the people I follow.

I can't put into words how far I have come.
6 months ago I barely had the strength to get out of bed, now.. most days I jump out of bed and into the world. I am proud of what I have achieved in such a small time and all of the people reading this have contributed to that in some way.

Right now I am putting a lot of energy into supporting a friend who is going through a very difficult time, I can't imagine ever having enough courage to attempt to be there for someone in that way, but I am doing it and I am proud that I can support and love people in my life and treat them they way they deserve to be treated.

Anyway, I am getting mushy.



The Captain's Wife said...

(((HUGS))) and Kisses! It's been enjoyable, sad, encouraging, read your words.