Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ahh advice required.. again

I know I'm ALWAYS asking for advice but this one is pretty important and not something I want to stuff up.
As I mentioned in my previous post my friends mother has just been diganosed with an advanced and agressive type of breast cancer.

I don't know her mum.. EXTREMLY well. But we have met quite a few times she is a very friendly and kind person.
I'd like to do something.. or send something.
I know she'll be swamped in flowers, and cards to the point where its probably going to be overwhelming.
Chemo will be tough for her as it is for all those battle through it.

I found this poem online.
I was thinking about printing and framing it...

Remember when you heard the words -
and your mind went blank - you were in another world
God heals
Remember in your darkest hours -
when all that surrounds you is pain and sorrow
God heals
Remember friends' prayers - your family's encouragement
- glimmers of hope from everyday angels
God heals can hear Him now -
always there - yet never this close
God heals
It's just another day -
yet everything has changed - and you hear yourself say
God heals
Birds are singing -
the sky is a beautiful blue - flowers are blooming...
God heals
Truths that you knew as a child -
awakened again with new understanding
God heals
Remember when others can't -
that life is a gift - each day to treasure
God Has Healed

I know her S's mum has faith... but I know in times like this people can be come angry and upset..
I am not sure if in doing this i'd be over stepping the boundary?

Believe me, its fucking WEIRD to be on the other side of hearing such terrible news.
I'm not used to this.

Some advice would be GREAT.