Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleep = My Friend

I prepaired myself for my normal sunday night ritural of little or no sleep.
Its been going on for months now.
Despite waking up early-ish and having a productive day.. I suspected that I still wouldn't sleep.
At around 11:30, I sent RM a random txt message.
He blank messaged me back, which is our thing.
My response was "Don't you blank message me you email/phone call ignoring butt face"

His repsonse "doing it tough, shit weekend. Need a break badly"

I told him to take a break, because quite frankly.. he fucking needs it.
He's a nut job at the moment. I can tell.
Yeh the guy screwed me over and smashed my heart a little.. but I still care about him going off the deep end. I am not trying to save him. Just trying to be there.
Laugh at me all you want, I am young and stupid. So I have an excuse for being so nieve.

He admited that he was going to the doctors(possibly indicating meds) and seeing a shrink today. I was more than a little bit thrilled. Its not hard for ANYONE to know they need help. But for a middle aged guy who definatly has some serious issues.. I am really very fucking proud of him.

He started going on and on about when I was coming to Sydney.
My response indicated ummm never.
Then he started listing all my favourite things.
Motorbike riding, absailing, cocktails ha.
Its hard to say no to him, but at the end of the day. He knows that I am staying put.. At least until he is sane and we both accept we will be nothing more than friends. EVER.
I am not gonna lie. There is still a flutter there, but its dulled SIGNIFICANTLY>>>><<<< which is great because I am feeling better about it by the day.

Anyway onto other news.
Yes I'm sorry he still takes up so much of my time in this blog.

Sorry what dad.. no im joking. I havent seen or spoken to him since last tuesday. I am assuming his still alive otherwise I would have heard something? Ha. Not funny.
He is still waiting to get test results back... the feedback he got during the tests was that they weren't able to identify everything.
He is trying to eat better-ish. Not go so hard on days when he's tired. But it's very hard to teach an old dog new tricks.
No news is apparently good news.

M's son J.
Poor little bugger now has a killer cold.
M is being the stay at home parent today so I am without him at work.
J Still doesnt have movement back in his face, but its a wait and see type thing.

One of my PET peeves is when people come to work sick.
One of the older guys here is in his office which is quite close to where I sit COUGHING his lungs up every 30 seconds.
It's terribly annoying and off putting.
Sick people belong IN BED

Well I better run.. there is work to be done.

Or something to that affect.