Saturday, August 15, 2009

The shit my family does

After my mum died.. yeah I know I start alot of posts like that.. but its just so true. It is such a defining moment. None of us had really known life without mum. Dad was with her since he was 17, we'd been around her since we came into the world.
We were used to it, stuck in the patterns that had become our life.

Anyways. After mum died we became one of those households.
The households that only purchase items after they have run out of the essentials.
I'm talking.. dishwashing powder is only aquired when we realise we are gonna have to do dishes by hand. Washing powder is only brought when someone does to do a load of washing and realises they are gonna have to go without.
All the essentials, except shampoo and conditioner coz shit no one wants to have dirty hair are only brought when we are at the end of the run and completly without.

I noticed on friday we were running low on toilet paper. I made a mental note to buy some. Of course this note got pushed to the back of my mind and I forgot.
I went to pee yesterday and realised we were without but AH-HA. We had a box of tissues.. problem solved.

This morning when I went to pee I used the last tissues.
Crap.. well I had to get lunch anyway.
I went into the shops and picked up a 12 pack on special and in the front of one of the isles.
In most super markets.. well the one I go to, the toilet paper is in the last isle. It gives me the shits! (no pun intended)
I grabbed some lunch and headed home.
When I walked into the kitchen I noticed a 12 pack sitting on the bench.. My dad was cooking and goes " your the third one to buy toilet paper"

To end this story, we now have 30 rolls of toilet paper in the cupboard.

Can someone please tell me we are not the only family who does stupid shit like this?


Anonymous said...

A lot has a space.

Big K

heyLyss09 said...

Communication is over-rated! haha

And that's why there are 2 huge bottles of ketchup in my refrigerator.