Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A diagnosis!

So dad went back to the specialist today.
The doctor suspects he has

Neurocardiogenic syncope
Also commonly known as 'A simple faint'
I guess in all serious-ness we could laugh?
This can be a serious a condition, they found a slight abnormality in his heart.
But I assume he wasn't listening... hmm...

A basic summary means, his blood pressure gets very very low when he is stressed, or dehydrated ect. So he faints. Not all people have seizures while they've fainted.
Its still obviously a concern that he blacks out for 12-13 minutes and appears to stop breathing and turn cold.

He will have a tilt table test which should confirm the diagnosis.

Dad will have to make some life style changes.. including.
Limiting alcohol, increasing fluid intake, eating at regular intervals.
If he contiunes to faint, and have seizures I am asuming he will be put on some kind of medication to help regulate it.

One thing that pissed me off about this is that its found to be genetic.
I have an arythmia that they could never identify.
It was evident when I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours.
However it could not be induced.... and no blockages or problems showed on any cardic tests. So maybe Neurocardiogenic syncope is in my future.

No I sound like im being sarcastic. I am extremely happy that he has been diganosed with something that is treatable and not a terrible dire diagnosis.

I am also happy that in 9 minutes I will cruise out of this place I call work and head off to have my eye brows waxed and my micro-derm done.
ahhh.. I will then take a chilaxed ride through traffic to my very good friends home.
We are having a small girls dinner party.
Wine, cheese, tacos and chocolate cake.

Can't wait to hang out with my girls.

I hope everyone is having a fine week.
Tomorrow is hump day.



Fifi Dangerfield said...

So glad he got a diagnosis (and that it's treatable). I know how stressful it can be when you can't get a diagnosis. My FM diagnosis/misdiagnosis went on for nearly a year (and 7 specialists!)

heyLyss09 said...

Yay for no more mysteries!

I too have an arrythmia which is made up of a lot of PVC's and a low T-wave. They can't figure out why and have deemed it to be harmless but I always have to tell the OR team when I have surgery because it freaks them out on the monitors and they put my procedures on hold. Annoying!

Oh yea and get this. My mom was told last year that she had an 80% blockage in one of her heart's arteries. She went in and had a cath. inserted into her heart to fix it, and it was nowhere to be found! Miracle or error in testing?

I hope your dad is a good boy and follows all the rules to avoid future episodes.