Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Okay

Yup thats what I am.
No cysts.
Good lining.
Normal uterus.
Normal Ovaries.
ect ect ect ect

I was the last appointment for the day.. I waited 2 hours to be seen.
I saw sooo many impaitent rude people being rude to the nurses and complaining very loudly.
Tell me people, what does that achieve?

The public healthcare system in this country is good.
If you've gotta wait and your not going to curl over and die in the next 5 minutes then shut up and read your book.

oh she also said its not rare for periods to become extremely light and almost non exisitant while on the pill.. I kinda knew that..
It doesn't bother me so i'll just keep going with what I am doing.
Not really fussed.

Other than that, work was busy.
A guy who has worked for us for 50 years is retiring this month.
It feels weird, he's the guy who hired me.
He is also M's grandfather, he is a really sweet man.
He'll be missed.

Wow I am tired.. I don't have the energy to shower but I must.

I can't believe tomorrow is friday.


Bella said...

Glad everything looks good with you! Happy Friday!

looking4#3 said...

So glad everything checked out ok. I hate waiting at Doctor's offices too, but I am not one to complain about it. Normally, I sit there thinking someone has just received HORRIBLE news and the doc is busy helping them. That seems to trigger up some compassion in me and I somehow find the patience I am so lacking!!!

The Captain's Wife said...

So glad you are A Ok! Healthcare in my Country sucks glad you have excellent coverage~

Sarah said...

Glad everything is A-Okay!

Fifi Dangerfield said...

That's great news :o)