Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's alive

I could have killed him when he called me this afternoon.
AS IF you worry me like that.
He said he "left his phone somewhere and didnt know where it was"
Um yeah..
That didn't happen.

He's still too fucked up for me to call him out on it.
Fucking drama.
I tell ya, im too old for this shit.

In other news
and its thursday tomorrow.
And I am FREAKING out.
So many changes.
don't have the energy to even THINK about them.


Sarah said...

Sweetie, I hate to be a wretched bitch.....however,

"Fucking drama.
I tell ya, im too old for this shit."

Is bullshit. You do it to yourself. Stop letting the drama suck you in. Stop placing yourself in those situations. I think you thrive on feeling like he needs you. And I think he knows that. You need to distance yourself from him and all of his crap. Work on you. NOT him. You cant fix him or his life. But you can take care of yourself.

Bella said...

I hope he can get his stuff together because I really don't like him placing all this added stress on you. You have enough on your shoulders right now. Hope all is okay with you! ((HUGS))