Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad news sucks

It really really does.
A few weeks ago I was at my S's friends wedding.
Everything was really nice.
I noticed S's mum who is 50 years old and uber sweet and funny.. she's one of the cool mums.. but still responsible and wise.. Well she knows how to have fun.

It was her daughters wedding.. and I know that gives her permission to be emotional.. But I just kinda saw something in her that day.
While I was outside having a cigarette with a few of her friends.. we started talking about how we're all gonna die.. one of the ladies commented that her mother had breast cancer and died when she was this age... then the next lady in the group said the same thing. Then I followed with the same thing.
It was a weird topic to just be brought up.. I thought it strange.. especially for a wedding. But I let it go.

Today we had like a dinner party with just a few friends.
My friend invited S but she was unable to attend.
I jokingly asked if she was pregnant again (she already has a son) my friend informed me that they were gonna wait a while.. and I was joking around " Oh she'll be pregnant again in a few months.. you watch"
My friend turned to me in the nicest way possible and said "nah shes got some stuff going on"

Instantly I knew what it was.

Breast Cancer.

The big C strikes again..right at the heart of a loving family. Of a strong and wonderful mother, daughter, friend, spouse.
I am pissed. Pissed for her.. for the pain she will have to endure.
The cancer is aggressive.
It has already spread quite alot to lymph nodes, so they are opting for chemo first and then i am not sure if she's gonna have a masectomy or not.

S's mum has just started chemo.. I am gonna reach out to my friend and her mum in a few days. I don't want to overwhelm them in what will be such a tough time.

I know I've been doing this alot lately but if anyone's got any extra prayers or good thougths saved up.
I am just praying that she has the strength to beat this once and for all.


Bella said...

Oh, how awful. I'll be praying for her and her family.

Sarah said...

Thats just awful. I am so sorry for your friend and her family.