Monday, June 22, 2009

100 Reasons

I had 100 reasons to be grumpy today.
Okay not 100 but a few..
No sleep
Late for work
No M to keep me company and help me with his therapy
Not a lot to do, but still enough to keep me busy

But you know what?

I was happy, yup me with my whole 4 hours of sleep.
I was happy, joyful even.

Sometimes I find my mood swings hard to take, but to wake up and still feel greatful to be here.. It was good. It was really good.

I am still so pleased with myself that I fixed my laptop.

Oh and I washed my hair this morning, and yeah WOW.
People please try the lovely hair mask that I kinda half stole/made up.
It worked a treat, my hair is so shiney and full of live.

I'm happy, woo yeah
And I'm even MORE happy..
That there is a vegetarian pizza in the oven just about to be done...
And that there is a pudding on the bench.

I am winning as they say..




Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks fr leaving a comment-hug on my blog, and here's my return one to you! i hope your day will get better and that tomorrow will be a fab one. Love, Fran


Bella said...

Yummmm...veggie pizza!! I hope you get some sleep tonight! What's this fabulous hair mask that you invented?

heyLyss09 said...

I could make a pretty nice list of my own reasons to be grumpy today. Here's 3: it's raining again for the 15th day in a row (so unlike New England weather in June!), my office is always so cold that I have to bring a winter coat to work (I'm serious!) and I know that once I get out of here I'm heading home to face a mountain of laundry.

I want to try your hair mask, but am weirded out by putting food in my hair! Will you come apply it for me while I close my eyes?! haha

Kim H. said...

There isn't much better than a pizza followed up by a good dessert to make your day a happy one. :-)