Monday, June 15, 2009

1.5 Days

Thats how long its been since i've done any REAL work.
My boss is back from overseas and i'm finding it HARD very HARD to find things that I actually WANT to do.
There are all sorts of scattered random things I COULD be doing with this work day.. But I'm just choosing not to.
This is the first time in a long time, im enjoying not doing much at all.
On one hand, I feel so completely slack but on the other hand it feels great.
After 3 and a half years of working flat out.
I am finally able to go at my own pace.
I can spend 2 hours playing around with awesome looking txt's in photshop.
Without feeling a WHOLE heap of guilt.
Believe me its still there.

I am expecting my recovery disks tonight.
I hope they just got delivered into my mail box.
Seriously and not to the post office.
I have missed my lap top terribly. Not being able to read and reply to comments as much as I'd like.
I am sad that my comptuer will have to be reformated.
I will loose 3 years of journal entries. But I need to move on from the past I guess.
It doesn't do many any great deal of happiness reading through some of my darkest hours.
Still it was nice to have it here.

I have a full 4 weeks of paid leave in the bank.
It feels nice to have it, with still 10 days owed for the rest of this year.
I am wondering if I will plan some kinda holiday anytime soon.
Nothing to great.. I don't have the cash for that.. YET.

Well photoshop is calling.

Hopefully the guys will have finished the cost roll ups from our china factory so I'll be able to get cracking on some work this arvo.
We'll see. I hate that my job so much depends on the work of others.
Drives me bonkers.


Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Bella said...

Being back to the real work day sucks! I hope your laptop gets fixed today and sorry about your journals. How sad to lose all of those :( Hope your coworkers get their work done for you soon!