Friday, June 26, 2009

History Repeats itself

When my computer went 'BOOM' a few weeks ago, I managed to lose all the journal entries that I had from my time at
I was pretty pissed, but realised it was probably time to let go of all the history there. A lot of good memories, but many many sad ones.

I had always inconsistently kept a myspace blog, when I was sort of in between.
I never posted anything too out there or extreme.. But I did post a few things that are still very applicable to my life now.

I haven't changed a whole lot, Yes i've grown but I still have the same insecurties and nutty quirks that I did 3 years ago. It makes me wonder if I'll ever change.. if the light will ever switch on and I'll be able to fix those things that are just that little bit wrong with me.

I've changed my blog a bit, I wanted another column! I did it all by myself (with the help of a tutorial no doubt) I also lightened the colours because my mind is feeling lighter at the moment. I changed my header too, I did it myself in photoshop.. It's a little hack, but its friday night and I am a lay-zeeee biatch.

Its a good thing too, because just after I finished I managed to download some virus and my computer went BOOM again.
I was able to use the windows repair feature and it un-installed photoshop and all the bugs.
I am so talented. HA.

And now I will share with you something I wrote many many years ago.. or so it seems.
All of which are still applicable.

Friday, June 09, 2006
Things that make me happy :)
1. Family


3. Sleeping in on the weekend

4. Working at hungry jacks

5. Spooning with muffin

6. Latte's with hazelnut

7. pay day

8. Sunsets at the beach

9. Driving with no place to go

8.When work isnt busy

9. Pickles!!!! <-----

10. Comfy Jeans

11. Warm Jumpers

12. good sex

13. my mums bacon and eggs

16. long late night phone conversations

17. quotes with meaning and substance


19. Laughing so much you almost pee <--- ALMOST

20. Running away, even if its just for a day

21. Playing cards with friends

22. Falling in love

23. Reading old chat logs

24.cold days on the couch watching movies

25. waking up to a warm room in winter

26. crying because im happy

27. bbq meatlovers pizza

28. random text messages

29. Seeing an old friend and reconnecting

30. going to sex shops

31. Slurpees

32. Musicals

33.Dancing around to loud music




Bella said...

Love #19....that's the best! (Like you said ALMOST!)

I am impressed by your photoshop skills...I love it!

heyLyss09 said...

wheres the tutorial? i don't know if i'm brave enough to try.

Anonymous said...

Good list! I like making happy lists.

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Beautiful Mess said...

I love your list! All of those are great things to make one happy!

Mrs4444 said...

I once poured my heart out in a journal entry (my grandma had died) and lost all of it a few weeks later. "Pissed" doesn't cut it; I was really wounded by that. Today, I keep everything (pretty much) backed up. I agree with you that sometimes, though, it's just good to let go of that old stuff. I've done that, too; there's nothing so healing as watching an old journal (full of pain) burning in the burn barrel.