Monday, June 29, 2009

As it Turns out...


Not giving a shit over the weekend.
Has given me the shits.
I knew that it was coming, I did the same thing 2 weekends ago.
Why do I torture myself with food?
I think it comes back to the whole control thing..

Wouldn't it be great if I was tempted to control what I DONT put into my mouth.
Rather than what I DO?

Yes if only life was that easy.

I shall be good this week.
Stick with my 5 peices of fruit over 8 hours.
Salad for lunch.
Meat/Chicken/Fish & a bit serve of veggies for lunch.

Must clense...
I was watching this show called "whats good for you"
and it turns out that clensing detox diets are actually terrible for your body.

So I wont be doing that anytime soon.

I need to practice my self talk again..
That worked so well when I was in therapy.
Must do it again.