Monday, June 8, 2009

If your lazy and you know clap your hands

I'm lazy, seriously lazy.
I have a room filled with painting supplies.
Yet I HONESTLY can't be bothered.
I also need to put on a few loads of washing.
Again.. can't be bothered.

Long weekend's are kinda a crock.
Tomorrow I have one more day, before my boss comes back from overseas.
But my big boss, we'll he's on holidays for 2 weeks which will give us a great chance to finish of one of our major projects before he gets back.

I'm hungry, but I should totally not eat junk AGAIN.
But I want to ya know, stupid lexapro makes me crave bad food.

Why do hang nails hurt so much?
I managed to rip one in my sleep last night and seriously it tore half way down my finger. OUCH.
I'm a little scattered today..
But happy.
Very weird.

Well I seriously must get something done!