Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never really know what your gonna get.

I find this to be very true.
So Saturday night, I picked up my friend and we headed into the city for my friend Sarah's hen's night.
Sarah used to be a bit of a crazy character, but 2 years ago she met a boy, fell in love... got engaged.. became pregnant.. had her son and is now in 4 weeks getting married.
Nothing will make you feel like time is passing two quickly, when someone you've known since you were 13 is making plans to walk down the isle.
Sarah is young, no doubt about it. But she has a strong character, and a supportive family. A loving partner, and a beautiful son.

The night was meant to be a little boring.. unlike how sarah used to be.
The night was planned by her soon to be sister in law... we met at a very nice bar and restaurant.. We had a few drinks and settled down to a seafood buffet.
Yum. Much better than I expected.

I wasn't drinking, but afterward we headed into the casino.. Sure take the girl with the gambling problem to a casino.
The girls went into a "club/bar"
For the most place, this place was filled with white trash.. I'm sorry to be so harsh but half naked drunk chicks, is not my idea of a great Saturday night.
So I went off to play a few rounds of black jack. I was down to my last 10 dollars, but then somehow managed to turn that into 200+ so I cut my losses(woo hoo) And went in to have a dance with the girls.
My friends are amazed with how stupid I can still act despite only having had one drink. But I think my robot impersonation was awesome.
At about 12 we decided to head home.
I dropped my friend off at home, not before we spent the whole trip talking about just how in love with her partner she is.
I'm so glad she has found happiness, and despite what people may think about the huge 24 year age gap.. they seem to fit so well together. They make each other happy.

Today I woke up full of beans, ready to start painting the spare room. I filled some of the holes, sanded them back. Re filled them coz I sanded too much.
In the end, I got extremely impatient, and pulled out some undercoating for all the dark trip. I did a craptastic job. I planned to take a little nap... but it turned into a long nap ha. So tomorrow I will start on the roof & walls.
My dad suspected it would take me longer than two days.. I'm just not at all graceful with a paintbrush.

All in all, I had a great night out with the girls which was a surprise.
And although I am a little disappointed with my efforts on the spare room.
I know I can get much accomplished tomorrow.
Well I better run, a few of my favorite shows are just about to start.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


Bella said...

Wow, nice profit on the blackjack table!!! I would have LOVED to see your robot! LMAO. Glad you had a good weekend (minus the paint debacle)!!

Sarah said...

24 years difference between them?! Wow.