Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gyno Report

So I got to the hospital just before two, I was sitting around the corner reading a new book I had just purchased- My sisters keeper.
I know I know.. I'm on the bandwagon a little late but I saw the movie preview and I thought dang I HAVE to read the book before the movie comes out and I wreck it.
When I got to the car park it said "CAR PARK FULL" FUCK.
Knowing full well my appointment would be running late, but feeling lazy.. I thought I'd wing it. 3 levels up I saw an awesomely nice lady who told me she was leaving.

Made my way up, registered.. checked my details and took a seat.
And I waited, and waited.. oh and then I waited some more.
Usually I'd get impatient but I had a book and it was a free public hospital clinic so I expected it.
I saw all types of doctors, come in and out.
I found myself PRAYING that I would get a female, I couldn't imagine having to explain my symptoms to a man.. let alone my somewhat lesbianism.
It was even hard with the doctor I got.
I don't know how anyone deals with a male gyno!

The waiting room cleared out and the person before me had just been called, a lovely lady came out and she was staring hard at the chart. A HA that's me.. She can't say my name. She calls it out wrong, and I go round too the door where she tells me.
Its obvious shes in demand because it takes her 2 minutes to get round to open the door for me because shes getting asked questions. Then 2 minutes in someone knocks on the door.
HA HA I got the good doctor woo hoo.
So basically I explain my symptoms.. she says that my GP probably jumped to conclusions with endo. Possible explanation could have been a harmless cyst that happened to burst a few days after my initial period. I also remember telling my GP of extended Pelvic pain I had been having before them. It lasted a few days, was very low lying and uncomfortable. Hmm She also said to me "I hope you didn't Google endo" and Nope i didn't thanks too the kind words and advice of many of my blogger friends.

In the course of my medical history, awarkward moment...
"Have you been sexually acititive"
My first response was no.. she looked at me funny.. I mean ahhh yes..
Shes like "ya know intercourse" Well yes, I responded.
I've had sex, but mostly with women.
Again.. awkward to explain.

Randomly I mentioned that I had one kidney that came up 5cm's shorter than the other.
She told me that the development of kidneys and uterus, ovaries ect could be related.
So its possible I have a funny shaped uterus and that could be the reason for the pain also.

So basically I am booked for a gyno and pelvic ultrasound in about a month?
Then I go back in 2 months to see her.

I know it doesn't seem like any great sort of action, but she also wants to see if i adjust to the pill ect.
So yes.
All in all very good news

I came home and jumped straight on the phone to HP about my laptop.
I tried to run a few tests but they wouldn't work.
Right now I have it running some diagnostic tests and then im gonna call them back.

This weekend is a long one for us in Australia.
Friday night my dad is hopefully coming home and we are going to purchase some paint for me to paint the spare room.
We are planning on doing a room rotation to get all the rooms painted and fixed up.
I want to help him maintain the house so he'll hopefully keep it as an asset and not boot my out. Oh and coz I love him.

So Saturday I plan to paint, I also may have to go shopping BOOOOO I hate shopping.
For something to wear to my friends Hen's night which is that night.
I'd rather stay home and watch the footy.
I'm so NOT a girly girl... If I do end up purchasing a new dress. I sure as hell hope that I can still wear flats.

So Sunday will be recovery/more painting.

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is Friday, I will have a crap load to do...
But it will all be worth it so I make it through quickly to the weekend.

As for 'him' I know hes down lately. So down.. that he doesn't really like to talk on the phone.. which is unlike him coz he talks A LOT. He's a salesman, he's paid too.Yesterday I was sending a fax (yes old school huh) to a customer..
I saw his name on the fax.
I picked up a piece of paper, scribbled down a note that only he & I would understand and sent it off.
An email from him this morning said that i had the best timing, coz he'd been stuck in traffic and had a crappy day.
Small gestures like that I think make the difference.
Its something he's done for me on many occasions.
I'm happy with where everything is at, I see things in a positive light now.
He may be a loser, but he's my loser. I don't think I could ever get rid of him.. I know I've tried.. And that's probably because the stupid part of my.. doesn't want to.

Well im off to call HP back.
Hope everyone had a great day



Frankie said...

I get cysts quite regularly. My obst when I was having the kids said that they shouldn't even be called cysts, they are just the normal follicles of the ovaries that swell up with fluid occasionally (not saying this is what you had). One ultrasound showed one 5cm in diameter once.

I forget that I get them and then I'll get a nagging pain in there for a while, then weird spotting and then I realise I've had a 'cyst' and it's burst. Very annoying but harmless so far.

Hope yours turns out to be just as harmless.

Bella said...

I so glad all went well at the gyno and that you got the good doc! I hope it was just a random cyst or something equally harmless. Good luck at u/s in a month!

So is this guy available? I know before you said he wasn't, but maybe his status has changed since then?