Friday, June 12, 2009

Cranky Pants

I have my cranky pants on this morning.
Everyone is being so LOUD.
I hate it.

Baby sitting went well, Chloe is a great little kid.
I brought her a "beados" kit.
She was very excited.
Basically you put these beads onto a tray in the form of a pattern, spray it with water and it all sticks togerther.
You can make stars and butterfly's and fairies.
She loved it and it kept her entertained.
She goes to bed at 8pm, didn't even have to ask twice.
I layed my fat bum on the couch for a few hours.
I was so tired driving home, I was thinking so much that I almost missed my exit.
Then I couldn't sleep. Again with the thinking.
I wish my brain had an off button.

In other news, I'm exceptionally proud of myself.
I've managed to have quite a bit of money left over from last months pay.
So I can put some more money into savings.
I'm probably gonna go to the footy tonight, and then I'll try and finish some of this painting that I need to do.

I hope everyone has a nice day.



Bella said...

I must know what a 'footy' is...I'm loving all this Aussie talk! Hope your day gets better and that you can sleep tonight! And...good for you for saving...that's awesome!

Frankie said...

I often have trouble sleeping due to brain working overtime. Glutamine is great. It works on your neurotransmitters and calms your brain down. Great at reducing stress/anxiety during the day (I have an anxiety disorder and glutamine is sometimes the only thing that can help when the meds don't!)