Monday, June 8, 2009

Epic Fail

The painting of roof's is SO not my thing.
It looks like someone threw up on the roof.. with white paint mind you.
Fuck fuck fuck.
Why do I agree to do stupid things like this.

I'm off to sulk and watch the view.


I sucked it up... let the paint dry and saw that I didn't do a half bad job.
Fixed up some of the patchy bits.

Ouch though, I went a little hard with that rolled and i've hurt my shoulder.

Oh a source of a amusement..
As I woke up I saw my brother leaving the house..
I turned around to see a lovely young lady doing what I guess could be called the walk of shame.
She actually had her face down as she was walking out.. so either she was ashamed, or hung over.. Or both.
My brother is not like that.. hes not one to have girls home.
He's the guy who is the girls best friend.
And when the asshole boyfriend cheats on the girl for the 10000 time my brother is there to pick up the pieces.

Is it just me.. or does anyone else thing toilet papers with designs on them are a bit too much.
I mean I'm all for 3 ply, 4 ply, hell I'd use 10 ply if it was available.
But really do we need sea creatures on our toilet paper.

I'll give you an example.
We have a brand in Aus, the the poster child for the brand is an ADORABLE golden lab.
Here I'll show you;

Anyway, see look how cute the puppy is.
So one roll of toilet paper, actually had the cartoon puppy on the paper..
And he was rolling around being all cute and playing with rolls of toilet paper.
I could NOT USE IT!!!
I just felt sooo guilty.

So that's a weird little thing about me.
Tell me something weird about you??


Bella said...

We have the same brand here in the U.S. and I LOVE that dog! He's so cute!!