Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I need to stop offering myself bribes

I bribe myself.
Constantly.. with food.
It's got to a point where on the weekend I ate SO much junk.
That I am literally sick to my stomach this morning.
I'd been doing pretty well, making small dinners for myself. With veggies, ect.
I'd been having 3-5 peices of fruit per day, and drinking as much water as I could stomach.
But that ALL came crashing down this weekend.
Between being too lazy to cook on Friday, to bored to cook on saturday, a little under the weather on sunday.
I ate so much junk that I made myself sick.
It's not that I didn't WANT to eat good food, its just that eating good food required me to put on something other than ratty paint covered track pants, or get out of my PJ's.

So I'm detoxing this morning.
I've had 3 peices of fruit, and a big bottle of water.
I can't do this too myself.
Its cruel, and stupid.