Saturday, June 20, 2009

An Accomplishment

I don't think I've talked about this before.. So I'll give you a brief run down.
In February last year, I moved back out of home and into a share house with a some friends.. All seemed well at first.. I moved in to cover for someone else who had left.. essentially doing my friends a favour.
The house was huge, and about 8 minutes from work. It was in a nice area.. That's the one thing I really miss!
Everything was walking distance.
Anyway.. Things were okay at that point, I was pretty happy.
I generally got on with my house mates very well.
I don't remember HOW it happened, but I got into a massive screaming match with one of my housemates.. also a good friend of now almost 10 years.
Basically she said she wanted me to move out.
I was like yeah whatever I'm upset.. but I was fine.
That week I packed up all my stuff, and was ready to go back to dads place.
The house was big and didn't have central heating.. it was the dead of winter..
Freezing. I brought a shitty little heater and would put it under or near my bed to keep me warm on those very cold nights. I'm a very clumsy person and I would occasionally knock the heater.. ouch..

One night I went out to dinner with my dad.. had a drink for the first time in ages. Came home and about about 10:30.. I fell asleep.
An hour later I woke up.. just as the side of the bed I was sleeping on set on fire.
I was in complete shock and awe. The bed was on fire.. Soon the whole room would be on fire.. Everyone was in the house.. I ran to the kitchen and filled a pot with water. and then started screaming FIRE FIRE.
Everyone woke up and tried to get out of the house. They all got out.. but me and one of my other house mates eddy.. Tried in vain to put the fire out while the others called the fire brigade. Realizing we were getting serious smoke inhalation.
We decided to bail and had no choice but to exit the house and shut the door.
In what seems like a life time, two fire trucks turn up and within minutes.. but fuck that felt like hours. The fire is out. By this time I have hysterically called my dad. He has rushed over... I am devastated. I've got almost no clothes on. No shoes. All of my belongings are in the house. While the fire crew clean up and do an inspection. I vomit, and cough my guts up. I get into an ambulance to get checked, but refuse to go to hospital. ( Sitting in that ambulance cost me 400 dollars by the way)

Within the hour, I am back in the house and surveying the damage.
The room I was in.. it was pretty bad..
The carpet was smoke and water damaged.
So too a lot of my clothes. My computer was sitting under my bed had been sprayed with water. Same with my TV. The brand new bed was trashed. Crap.
I was really only concerned with anything my mother had given me.
A blanket she gave me was damaged but still okay, So too a hair dryer.. Something so small but I was upset.

I wasn't blamed by the fire fighters for the fire, they told me how lucky I was.. Within a few minutes.. I would have probably been dead in my sleep If I hadn't woken up. The fire alarm in the front of the house wasn't working.. It most likely wouldn't have woken anyone up and they too could have died.
The reason a lot of my stuff was saved was that it was packed up in boxes, when I move I use plastic containers... its great to see whats inside and everything is protected.

The next day as renters we told the home owners what had happened.
I've never seen a guy so excited about the fire.. Free renovations was on his mind.
In the end, he "fought with the insurance company" And I had to pay an $800 excess on the insurance.
I lost the TV, Bed, Computer, a few other random items.
I was lucky, so very lucky to escape.. not at all hurt.. (besides sore lungs)

Anyway that's the story which brings me to my accomplishment.
I had a dress. A beautiful expensive dress which I wore for my 21st birthday.
It was hanging in the cupboard, and got smoke and ash damage..
I assumed it was a right off.. waited ages to clean it...
When I finally tried.. it didn't work at all so i let it dry and hung it up.
I have a wedding that im very un excited about going to...
I don't really want to spend a few hundred dollars on a dress.. So I googled.. remove smoke and ash stains.;
I got a recipe.. and by George it has WORKED!!!!
It will take me a little time.. and it may not be perfect.

But I accomplished something.

And that's my story.


Bella said...

That's quite a few awesome accomplishments...I mean saving lives is something to be pretty darn proud of! I can't imagine waking up to my bed being on fire! I am so glad you were okay as was everyone else (thanks to you)! Yeah for saving your beautiful us pics of it! Have fun at the wedding!!