Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This isn't about one particular asshole.
Although I have a few in mind.. But it's just about assholes in general.

Those type of people, who recieve pleasure from making other peoples lives difficult and they include;

*Bad drivers- Ya know the kind that tail gate, cut you off, change langes without indicating, sit in between 2 lanes, drive aggressivly for no reason.

*Terrible Work Mates- I suffered at the hands of these bullies for FAR to long.
I am the youngest person in the entire company. I started here when I was 18.
This made me a HUGE target. At first, everyone was pleasant I was the new kid.
Then they realised that hey, I actually LIKED my boss. So insued bulling from here.
Under the breath comments, extreme and un provoked attacks. Every little thing that I did, or didn't do wrong.. I was hounded for.
Normally I'm one to always stand up for myself, but in this case being surrounded mostly by people who are older than my parents. I was intimidated. They made work unpleasant, helped me to cry daily, and said some of the most disgusting and uncalled comments i've ever heard. Needless to say, since I've changed departments and stepped up in the world these people are nicer to me than EVER before.
God thats the most frustrating thing of it all.

*Nasty customers- I've worked in a customer serviced based jobs for a long time. First in fast food, where I was berated by angry customers and nasty parents(I used to host childrens birthdays) for everything not going to plan.
I now work in an industry that is MALE dominated, I used to get the old "oh darlin put me on to one of the boys ya don't know what your on about"
But once I actually had a VERY rude man, whom I had actually HELPED mind you.
Who said "Listen just put me onto a man NOW"
Just like that, only ruder.
I did what he told me too, but NOT before I muted the phone and yelled out to our tech support department not to help him at all.
Thats a win for the ladies right there.

So tell me if you would.
What kind of assholes do you come into contact with?


Kitty said...

the assholes i encounter are of the sexual deviant variety.

they are spectacularly, breathtakingly, unbelievably deluded.

Frankie said...

My ex husband...

Sarah said...

All sorts. You name it, I deal with it.

I worked in construction for years, I was the resident welder. Construction, as you know is a predominately male industry, I took such pleasure in pissing them off.
I wore makeup and perfume every single day, and it tweaked them right out that I was a pretty little thing and I still kicked ass. Heh. Men, such small minded critters.

Bella said...

Too many to list hear, but many are people I work with either directly or indirectly! Sorry your a-hole coworkers harass you so much! That's really unprofessional...I mean, what are we...FIVE?!