Saturday, May 30, 2009


So I managed to be somewhat successful.
I did end up cleaning the car... then I downloaded another movie.
Sigh.. I need to stop.. really I do..
I think I would have hit a couple of gig over the weekend.

I also went down to our local Pub to watch the football and have something to eat.
Normally I'm not a huge fan of the male species. I like a few, but not alot of them.
Anyway, their were a bunch of drunk guys there and I thought, here we go.. here's trouble.
But nope, they were incredibly well behaved and very kind.
One even made a comment about the game to me, and the other one held the door open for me.
I dunno it was good to see such well behaved 20- something men.
Its something I'm not used to..

I might do another movie review post next week..
So I will tell you what I watched with a short caption

Confessions of a shopaholic- Hmm
Lost & Delirious- Ahh

Currently I'm downloading "role models"
I've heard that its funny.

Also, I totally downloaded the season premiere of "jon & kate + 8"
Wow.. Just wow..
For once, seeing that I didn't HATE kate.
I thought Jon was kinda being an ass.
Its clear that they are headed for splits ville.
I don't know why they would really be unless jon HAD cheated..
He claims he hasn't.
But yeah, in my opinion the episode was very relate able..
You could clearly see how broken their marriage was.
It made me so sad for all involved.

Okay My movie is done, gonna watch it and off to bed



PorkStar said...

I hear Kate has been acting like a diva, quite a demanding lady too.

Nice blog.