Friday, May 1, 2009

The take down

Dear Lexapro,

We've been friends again for almost almost a full month now.
I wasn't hesistant to jump on the band wagon again, who am I too judge you.
I feel last time I wrote you off to quickly, so I thought i'd give you another chance.
I've been good, taking you as directed and always ontime.
You weren't kind at first, the dry mouth and nausea was a pain in the butt but I figured if I was going to feel better than it would be worth it.

The constant yawning, and daily battles between exhaustion, and insomnia are really annoying.
But again I thought I would give you the benefit of the doubt yet again.
I don't particulary like being dizzy everytime I go to get up, but thats okay. I can handle the occasional head spin, or headache.
But really, now the pins and needles in the back of my head? Everyone knows thats an annoying problem. Did you really have to be so mean.

While laying in bed this past week, trying to battle myself to sleep. Counting sheep is not working by the way.
I noticed that I was becoming incredibly itchy all over.
Mostly on my legs, and my arms.
Do I have flee's?
A skin allergy?
Have I eating something bad?

Nope thats just you, reminding me that while the chemicals your sending through my system are making there way to my brain and generally making me more happy.
There also giving me head spins, and making me itch like crazy.
Infact while im sitting here now typing this I am resisting the urge to go nuts on head.Its not lice, its you.

I've given you a chance, and I will keep giving you a chance. Until you prove unbearable. But really, if you could.. Lift your game just a little and cut me a break.
I know I'm doing right by you.. but please, try and be a little more friendly.

Sincerly yours,


PS: Thanks for not making me gain any weight this past month, I do appreicate that because I know i've been stuffing my face and its gotta stop.
But again... Appreicating your effort on that one.