Friday, May 8, 2009

Unexpected Happiness

Is always the best kind.
I didn't have the BEST day today.
But I didn't have worst.. with regards to work.
I was happy when home time rolled around... Happier knowing next week for MOST of the time I will have the department all too myelf as all of the guys will be at a trade exhibition.
That will be nice to just work, and have some piece and quite.

I came home from work and immediatly got stuck into "the secret life of bee's"
I'm loving it more as time goes on.
I then, like most friday nights downloaded greys anatomy and watched it.
I had planned to meet up with some friends to go out for dinner.. but when I turned up at 8pm dressed rather casually, and my friends the same we sat around and discussed the books we were reading. We even toyed with the idea of starting a little book club.
Looking back to 10 years ago when we first met, I never would have thought that was possible. I was a complete book worm, but they weren't.
My my how times have changed and how they've both grown..
We talked about funny memories from the past, and our furtures.
My friend is moving in with her boyfriend, who is 24 years her senior.. my other friend is using the economic crisis as a means to travel overseas. She is coming to the states in a few months and was talking all about her trip.
When then went and got some take-out..
Talking and laughing like old times.

On the way over, I found myself dancing and singing in the car.
Feeling happy, real happy.. not fake happy.
I wasn't to happy to be leaving my nice warm bed and venturing out.. but as soon as I knew I was close to seeing those familiar faces.
I was unexpectdly happy.
I loved every damn second of it.

Here I go again.. back into the secret life of bee's