Saturday, May 30, 2009


Is a strange concept.
I am free, technically. But I don't feel like I am.
I am feeling fantastic though by the way, AF has offically ended her two week visit.
And as much as it sucked, I know my body was just kinda doing what it had too.
I waited it out and NOW I shall hopefully be rewarded with perfect 28 day pain free cycles... Well a girl can dream. But its so FREEING, when your finally done for the month and your like thank GOD my va-jay jay can takes no more.

Someone really needs to talk me out of buying a puppy.
I am SO sad Max is gone, and I CANT split him and molly up.
So I really want a puppy..
OMG I just saw two, I'm IN LOVE.
NO Caragh, you have to be rational..
You can not spend what litle savings you have on a puppy.
Nope, I can't and I wont.
Its not fair to bring a dog into a single parent family.
Yeah... I'm joking.
Of course its as easy as, new puppy.. will solve all of caragh's problems.
But no..

The other day at work I was walking past the front door, I looked out for some reason and saw that one of the ladies I work with was doing a U-turn, someone had just pulled out of works drive way and BANG. I ran out to see if she was okay, the car was a wreck and we couldn't even move it off the road. After about 5 minutes, someone goes to me.. is your car alright.. I looked around and the impact had left he car LESS than a foot from my drivers side door.
I thought to myself.. if that isn't good karma.. what the hell is.

Then today I went to wash my car, as I was waiting while someone was in the car wash.
I saw a rainbow.. although it wasn't a miracle it made me smile.

Something.. SOMETHING in my heart tells me that things are looking up.
Although I keep having strange dreams which leads me to wake up in a panic.

Okay I PROMISED myself I wouldn't be a bludger this weekend, so im gonna buck up into the cold and go and clean out my car.