Monday, May 11, 2009

Wants to get her sleep on

Oh I wish I wish I wish.
But I'm just not near sleep yet.
I had a big day, got up early.. worked well all day.......
I went to the football after work, I talked, I walked, I ate...

I am going to stop sweating some of the stuff thats bothering me.
I don't have the power to change situations, so I'm not going to start wishing that it will magically fall upon me.
I cannot control the way others behave, can't make them tell me the truth..

I wonder if its wrong to love someone, for all the good things they bring into my life.
But possibly to almost hate them, for being the barer of shitty things as well?

I think thats where I am.. A little bit stuck.
But I'm realising more and more..
I've gotta let it go..
I can enjoy the good things... and not focus so much on the negatives.
For some people.. even me at one time.. I thought they we're deal breakers.

But not anymore.

All rules are out the window.
I know exactly where I stand, what my position is... and how I'm gonna move on from here.