Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie Reviews

So over the weekend, I kinda sorta had a LITTLE too much time on my hands.
I decided that I would Illegally Download Watch a few movies.
My selection is extremely random and it may show that I have simple tastes when it comes to movies but I thought I would review them encase anyone was interesting in seeing them, or was interested in what I had to say. HA unlikely.


Rachel Getting Married

I was curious as to the fact that this movie got really great reviews, but appeared for a very short period of time in Australian Cinema.

The basic caption of the movie is that Kim (Anne Hathaway) has recently been discharged from a long stint in rehab to attend her sister Rachel’s (Rosemarie DeWitt) wedding. I didn’t expect a light hearted romantic comedy by any stretch of the imagination, but the movie is dark. It focus’s lightly on Kim’s addictions and wrong doing during her darkest days and how these moments affected her family. In her 7 step program she is seeking redemption from her family and all the pain she has caused them. Although she seems to have won their forgiveness she cannot forgive her greatest enemy, herself. The bond between Kim, and Rachel and also their father seems to be a very complex and painful relationship. But also evident is a huge amount of love. The wedding does take large focus towards the middle of the film with some of the scenes to me being very long winded and not making a lot of sense. The film ultimately left me wanting more answers, about Kim’s addiction and left me perplexed by the 5 minute scene about how to stack a dishwasher. Like I said, the relationship between the family, although there are other members involved seems mainly cantered about how everything revolves around Kim, very typical of family movies that depicts addiction. It was a good film, but in my thoughts not great.


The Secret Life of Bee's

The secret life of bees stars Dakota Fanning as Lily a 14 year old girl from the south, searching for answers about her mother who had an untimely death when Lily was just 4. You see the story at the beginning mostly through Lily’s eyes as she struggles to deal with her emotionally and physically abusive father. Lily’s house keeper is Rosaleen played by (Jennifer Hudson) the two share a close bond although it is strained by the racial tension of the mid 1960’s. During a trip to town the two are harassed by a bunch of men, an altercation ensues and Rosaleen is injured & then arrested. Is it as this point that Lily decides to leave her home town and go in search of more information about her mother. With little to go on, the two set out in hopes of finding some information. By a sum of luck, they happen upon a household of empowered women of colour, August (Queen Latifah) the oldest sister and a bee keeper, June (Alicia Keys) a music teacher who is very sceptical of Lily to begin with and May (Sophie Okonedo) as the younger sister who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Lily uses her powers of deception to stay with the sisters in the hopes of learning more about her mother. Eventually the sisters warm to both Lily & Rosaleen. Lily learns the trade of bee keeping from August and meets their young friend called Zach. Zach & Lily form a close relationship, one that is ahead of the time being an interracial friendship. Eventually Lily learns her mother is well known to the family, but is too afraid as she has settled into life at the house. In a sad turn of events Lily learns it’s now or never and she confronts August about her mother. She is both saddened and filled with the sense of relief to learn the truth. Having just read the book, I was sad to find that the religion that is followed by the women is not strongly prominent in the movie. Also small details have been changed which don’t give it that same sting. I won’t ruin the ending, but overall I thought it was an accurate portrayal of the book, but did not completely do it justice.

I would rate the movie


The third movie for the night was

Zack & Miri Make a Porno

Zach (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) are two lifelong friends who hit some hard times. Facing finical woes the two friends deice that a logical & quick way to overcome their money problems is to make a porno. Coming up with an ingenious story, and finding & hilarious cast of characters they set out on their way. After a set of mishaps the cast set out to make their film.

The movie has many light hearted and hilarious scenes. There is a fair amount of sex, a few questionable moments. But overall it is nothing two extreme. The two best friends, Zach & Miri decide that for the sake of the film they are to have sex in one of the scenes. What was meant to be a hardcore moment turns into something a little more and they struggle to deal with their feelings between each other. The movie takes a turn from porn, to romantic comedy.. Although it’s a little predictable, the movie is generally very funny and heart warming. If you’re looking for something light hearted and to laugh out loud with, this movie is defiantly for you.


Well I hope you enjoyed my little movie review section.

I thought it would be nice to do something different.

- Caragh


Andrea said...

Loved "Secret Life of Bees"! I read the book too. I haven't seen the other two, so thanks for the review! Hope you had a great weekend!

Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

ive never seen any of them.

Andrea said...

Thank you for your pep talk, I so appreciate it! I do feel better after unloading all my fears on the internets :) I vow to not let my manager get the bets of me. Thanks again, you rock!

Anonymous said...

ooooo I want to see all of these, so thanks for the insight. :)

Kristin said...

Great reviews. I had never heard of the first one but it sounds intriguing.

Stefanie said...

I hear that the Secret life of bees is such a good book / movie. would have to make a plan to either read or watch it

~Stopping by for ICLW~

Anonymous said...

Nice reviews, thanks. I agree with you about Rachel Getting Married -- several perplexing scenes. I've been meaning to watch and/or read Secret Life of Bees. Sounds like it's worth my time.


tomi said...

I'm going to have to wait for Zack and Miri on DVD - we love Kevin Smith movies but we decided there were other movies to be watched first.

Thanks for the reviews - I'm going to get Rachel too. :)


Mrs. Gamgee said...

fabulous movie reviews! All of those are on my to-watch list.