Monday, May 18, 2009

I wasn't gonna do it.. I wasn't I swear

I've been attempting to be more POSITIVE.
Trying to look on the bright side of things, and be more balanced..
But right now I am PISSED.

One- Seriously lexapro I tried to give you a fucking chance. I was feeling better, but then I wasnt, then I was.. Now im still itchy.

Two- WTF. Spotting, period, spotting, period, spotting. I wish you could make up your god damn mind uterus. Your making it so fucking hard for me to predict what kind of tampon to use. ARGH its so frusting.
I hate you I hate you I hate you.

Three-FUCK YOU stretch marks, fuck fuck fuck fuck you.
85 % of my body is already covered in you, and what I put on a few kilos and suddenly there you are again. I hate you skin pigment.
Not only do I now hate my stupid brain, but I hate my body aswell.
A pfft.. not that there is anything to be proud of.

God i'm so angry.
I just want to sleep, I want to be happy, I want something, anything to make this pathetic life that im living better.
But I've got nothing.

Onto good news.
I went shopping today, got some things to make some healthy dinners.
I'm starting to eat more fruit. I need to, but I always buy it and forget it and then it rots and I get annoyed..
So i've decided to get buy a couple of things every morning and keep it on my desk until I eat it.

Work was good today, making progress with everything..

I totally dont have any other good news.
I wish I did.

I wish I did...


WiseGuy said... seem to have a lot of problems on your head...hope that gets better!

Loved the last post...and how you described feeling about the pedicure and the way your hair got set automatically....

I have my share of bad hair all these years, my hair love falling one way - flat!