Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a difference a day can make..

Thats today.. Its still pretty damn early as well.
Still have a football match to go later on this afternoon.
Wow.. do you want to know what made me happy today?
After my shower, I was drying my hair.. I then flipped it into a rough pony tail while I did my make up.. When the pony tail came out.. my hair was parted perfectly..
Slightly the right.
My hair is hard to deal with, its dead straigh and usally my part falls straight down the middle.. not the best look but I deal with it.
It fell perfectly. Amazing.

Then I decided that I deserved a pedicure..
Lovely. My feet are now silky and smooth and my toenails are painted a bright purple.

So thats it, I don't need fancy things, diamond rings... anything at all really.
Just one little win and I'm happy.

Things arent that bad.