Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm going to pay for this later

I've been awake since 5:30am.. not suprising since I'm pretty sure I was out of it by 9:30pm last night.. Nanna much..
I'm not the early to bed, early to rise type.
I'm the early to bed, and then again LATE to rise type.
Because I'm a sleepaholic.
I had this really crazy dream that I just randomly hacked off all my hair and got a pixie cut.
I don't have the cheek bones for it, well I do they are just hidden behind lots of chub.
Loves it.

I've got lots to do today, but its not really anything that I WANT to do..
Needless to say it must be done, and its my job to do it...
Ahhh my job.

My brothers girlfriend whos a teacher had a hard day yesterday..
Shes just a graduate and she got into a stouch with the vice principal.
Not the smartest move.
Her words, also weren't used very well.... thus for he was able to use them againts her. Also, not the smartest move.

I admire all teachers, infact I wanted.. or want to be one.
I am aware that its a very tough job.
I'm sad that this happened only a few months into her teaching career, but it was going to happen.
Bullying is rife in the workplace, I delt with it for YEARS.
I could be bitter, and snyical and belive me at times I totally was.
But I live by the saying
"It's not what happens in your life that defines you, its how you deal with it that defines you"

I won't ever let anyone get in the way of me doing my job again.
With that said..
Better get cracking


Andrea said...

I totally agree on with your last statement on how you deal with things defining you! Makes a world of difference! xoxo.