Saturday, May 30, 2009

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

You live and you learn that its a very wise statement.
I've always had problems with my ears.
Infections, blocked ears ect.
Anyways.. for about a month now my left ear has been bothering me...
Everytime I yawn it would make an underwater poping sound.
I know that this means, that its on its way to being filled with wax.. but I ignored it.
Until before when it was annoying me SO much that I decided to get some kind of hair pin and try and unblock it myself. NOT a smart move.... it was all good at first.. I even made a break through.. then I tried to go that one bit further and bang.
Competlely blocked.
Now its annoying me even more because it feels heavy and I can't hear anything.

Last time this happened.. yes i know.. Last time this happened I went to the doctors expecting them to flush it out, but she was stupid and said she couldnt see the wax and that I should go to the "ear, nose & throat hospital"
I waited in their emergency room for about 3 hours before I was seen..
Then they shoved a tiny vaccum into my ear and sucked it all out.
It felt so much better afterwards.
anyway.. I think the ear is pretty much wrecked at the moment.

And thus concludes my somewhat grosse and very sensisble tale of.



The Captain's Wife said...

I have chronic ear infections and wax build up. Have my entire life.

I go to the EN&T Dr every 6 months to get my ears vac'ed. As creepy as it is it is the BEST thing ever!

When they do it I watch the contained that the wax goes in...holy gross batman...

(PS you haven't popped me your email for my new blog..I think you would like it)