Sunday, May 31, 2009

Head outta the sand

So after my last angry rant.
I went back into my room, tried and failed miserably 15 times to get my computer to start.
I could have thrown it against the wall.
I didn't, instead I crawled under the blankets and insisted that I was going to fall asleep wake up and everything would be better.
My ear would be cleared, and my computer would be in amazing working order.
After about 3 minutes of closing my eyes, wishing and hoping that everything would get better.
I said to myself "suck it up princess"
Get your ass outta bed, off to the hospital and get your ear cleaned.
As for your computer, its just a piece of equipment.It CAN be fixed, your still covered by warranty at this time.
So off I went, I took the long route to the hospital following my tom tom.
When I got there I prayed that on this sunny Sunday afternoon I would find a car park.
I did.
I went into emergency and was seen by triage immediately.
I was told it may be a few hours wait. I didn't mind, seriously with limited cash and no computer what else could I do on a Sunday afternoon?
I was seen within 30 minutes, which is amazing because last time I waited about 3 hours after being seen by the triage nurse.
I may have told a little white lie about being in pain.
I was in pain, I had a pain in my ass from all this stuff that constantly happens. As for my ear typical blockage very close to the ear drum.
The doctor was sincere and lovely. Very careful but by the end I wanted out of there.
I had become very very dizzy and nauseated.
She let me sit for a moment and then I was off.
Made great time getting home, and here I am hoping for a miracle and for my beautiful little piece of shit lap top to be working.
It sadly isn't to be.
Maybe I'll be brave and call HP customer help today,or maybe I'll put my washing on and go down to the shops to get some ingredients for a nice cake for the boys tomorrow.
Who knows, what I do know is..
I talked to myself, I put reason into my insane mind and got myself out of bed.
That's something I haven't done in a long time.
The logical part of my brain hasn't been very well for a while.
So I'm immensely proud of myself right now.

If the hospital was giving out lollipop's I would have totally deserved one.


We have Angel Wings said...

I'm LOL at "suck it up princess" that is the cutest thing I've heard all week!

I'm so glad you went to the ER to have your ear looked at and glad that you were able to be seen and outta there so quick. Earaches hurt like a bitch. :(

As for your laptop - call customer service and get it fixed. I think you'll feel better in the long run!

Hang in there, princess! Tomorrows a new day.


Bella said...

::Sending you a virtual lollipop:: You so deserve one! I hope your ear feels beter and that your laptop feels better soon too!

Frankie said...

Hi there. Just saw that you're following my blog so thought I'd pop over and say hi and thanks for your comments on mine. :o)

Kitty said...

i love the way you write, very fresh and honest and i am hooked!