Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meaningful Post... not really

Yup this is post number 100.
I can't believe I'm here sooooo soon.
But I guess I do talk alot... that will never change.

Just to say.
I really want to thank everyone for there sweet thoughts and comments.
It makes such a difference in my bloggy life, knowing that people care enough to read my story.
Especially when all the amazing women and a few men, have there own stories, heartache and moments to share.

My last post was about my dad, and how I was dealing with his girlfriend.
He came to the footy with me, it was nice very nice to spend some 1 on 1 time with him.
Although he left a little early, he loved watching the game again.. which is something he'd forgotten all about.

He was meant to come home last night, but his girlfriend posioned her cat.
Yes you read that right, she posioned it.
It was an accident.
Well thats her story.
She gave it the dog tick treatment, instead of the cat treatment and the cat was very sick and put into intensive car.
So my dad wont be home for a few days.
I know, its weird right.. Its not just me.
The one day my dads meant to come home, and the cat almost dies.
Apparently its not the first one she's hurt.

Other than bitching about my dad and his cat-hurting girlfriend.
Mothers day is hittting me hard this year, its everywhere.

Work is driving me nuts, its crazy busy. But good I guess.
I had my third microderm today, and I'm addicted my skin feels amazing.
"He" is still giving me a bit of grief, but im dealing.

Well I better run, I've got blogs to read!



the cubicle's backporch said...

Yes, I would say that's pretty ironic. And if she did (maybe) do it on purpose, girlfriend has some serious issues.

I'm jealous of your microderm!

Sarah said...

I want to try microderm abrasion

The Captain's Wife said...

Happy 100. I've only been reading you for approx 10...but looking forward to the next 100....