Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'll have what he's having

So that 'friend' of mine.. ya know that giant pain in the arse that I accidentally fell for
He's got pneumonia just like my other good friend did.
I tell them all the time they really need to stop making out so much, viral pneumonia is bad!
Last week when I was OH so down, I sent him a few emails.. yeh I know.. My bad... And he's ignored them all..
Maybe because he's sick, maybe because he can't handle me.. or maybe coz he just doesnt care.

I was on the phone to my good mate just before and he mentioned him.
I kinda just said I was over it all, which I am.
I then finished the phone call and went to finish my dinner.
I sliced my finger using a sign..
That my friends was I sign..
My finger also wouldn't stop bleeding.
Always fun.. lol

Today was good though, I am pretty sure my actual period.. no not the one thats already been around for 6 days on and off... will be arriving soon.
I am pretty much very overly sensitive at the moment.
And I am starving all the time,but im trying to eat more fruit lately.
So I'm snacking on that.

Other than that, nothing much is going on.
Trying to take each day as it comes, and look towards the future I can create for myself.
Happiness is around the corner, if I just believe it can be.