Saturday, May 23, 2009

who is the biggest loser?

Pretty much. HA.
I came home from work last night, exhausted..
I did some blogging, but by about 7pm I was ready for bed.
I assumed, I would have a quick nap.. and then wake up make some dinner and go back to sleep.. right, simple.
I slept right through until about 3:30am..
ha.. its almost 4am now.
I've already had about 8 hours sleep, so I don't know how much more I'll get.
My hair looks like a birds nest.
So i'm thinking on any given day, I'll need atleast 7 plus hours of sleep to make it through the day.

My puppies are gone, I'm sad.. they were cuddling with me for a while as I slept but now they have gone :(
I will go and see them today I think.

I'm hungry.. nom nom nom nom.

Sorry for the boring post.
by the way.. still feeling totally calm.
It rocks.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I do that all the time - going for a nap and it turning into a full blown snooze fest! xo.

Andrea said...

I could never wake up at 4am even if I'd already had 8 hours sleep...maybe that's why I'm so unproductive. LOL. Glad you're still feeling calm!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

LOVE the quote on your header!

Hey, what's wrong with a little rest now and then? ;)


Beautiful Mess said...

Ahhhh sleep! How great did THAT feel?! I read your last two posts and I'm sorry your puppies are moving away. Good for you for doing what's bets for them, though! I also wanted to say that I'm sorry about your mom's passing. My mom passed away a little over 3 years ago due to cancer as well. Sending you as much peace as I've got.