Sunday, May 10, 2009

Interesting Day..

Today wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be...
I dunno its my third mothers day without my mum here with me on earth.
I woke up and didn't feel such a heavyness on my heart.
I went and brought some flowers....
Got a large coffee and I was on my way.
My mother's resting place is around 2 hours away from my house, its up in the "country" where my aunty and uncle live.
Its the place that my mum would have retired too and in a way I guess she is.
I was really frustrated with some of the sunday drivers out there, there was a women who was quite old.. going 40 KM's an hour in a 100 KM zone.
Very frustrating and it put me quite behind.. not that I was in a rush.

When I got the cemetary I was hit with a small wave of sadness.
I trecked down to my mums grave..
Usally when I get there, I instantly want to say hello.. then goodbye and leave.
But this time, I sat.. for atleast 20 minutes I sat and thought of my mum.

Afer that I went and had some lunch, which took a REALLY long time.
Then I was on my way back home, and on the way I took some photos which I will now share.
One of these is obviously very personal.

There is one pick of my mum's grave obviously, one of the cemetary, a few of the beautiful Australian bush.
And one very sad picture of the damaged tree's from the bushfires that hit feb.

I hope everyone's had a good day.



The Captain's Wife said...

I am glad you "made it" through another Mother's day...Although wishing you did not have to.

I love your Mum's name! Alana was our runner up name for Baby K. I realy wanted her to have a Family name (she has my maiden name for her middle) and My father in law, who I adored (he passed away in 2001) his 1st name was Alan and I wanted to incorporate his name, so Alana was our choice. Beautiful...