Thursday, May 7, 2009

And ending..

Is a new beginning or so they say.
I just watched the final episode of scrubs.
I haven't always liked scrubs, infact it was only a few years ago when my humour kind of changed that I decided it was hilarious.
I've seen every episode.
I am not a fan of the way most tv series end.
Infact some of the series endings I disliked are;
Friends, The OC, & dont even get me started on the L WORD!

All crap.

But the scrubs ending was perfect.
Everything wasn't tied into a neat little ball....
It wasn't perfect, but it got me to show some emotion...
Which is hard to do lately, I'm pretty numb.


I could start talking about death right now, but I totally wont.. Because even though its stuck in my mind now.. I just can't. I totally don't have the energy