Saturday, May 2, 2009

I played wow

I didnt really play wow.. my brother was teasing me just now saying I wasn't smart enough to play.
So I ran around in a circle on the computer screen and now I have successfully played wow.
POO you big brother.

I totally failed last night.
Was in bed asleep by like 10:30.
I woke up a few times during the night but managed to sleep til about 9:30.
Got up, went out for breakfast and a quick drive.

I came home, threw my sheets and such in the washing machine.
Now I wait for it to finish and hang it on the line.
I also cleaned out a whole bunch of crap from my room that had been piling up.
I've got much more to do.
I've also gotta vaccum, hopefully dust, and then clean my filthy car.
Ah I'am now glad I had an early night then arent I.

I hate checking my bank account any day after the 1st of the month.
All my bills are gone by this time usally and I am left with whatever til I get paid.
I hate being paid monthly.
But I also would hate being paid weekly, coz all my bills are monthly.
Its a no win situation.
Hey, atleast I have a job and im being paid.
A well paid job for someone of my age with no formal qualifications or anything.
I realise I'm bitching so im gonna stop myself.
This entry came about rather quickly.

I am feeling okay today.
Decided to skip my period this month.
I deserve it.
Not sure what this will mean for my appointment at the hospital next month, which if it serves me right falls around the same time at the end of the month.
So we'll see.. not sure if im gonna go.
I don't want them to laugh in my face saying
And now you expect to be taking seriously by a gyno.
Well see..
well see

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.




Andrea said...

I get paid monthly too! The last week of the month alway really blows! Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Oh ack! I couldnt make it being paid monthly! I have hard time being paid every other week.