Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to regular scheduleing

After my little break yesterday, I thought I'd flick back to my deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings.
But really, I don't have any.
My KILLER pms I'd been having for 2 weeks has worn off.
So I'm feeling alot better.
I think that its got something to do with the fact that my boss (who's a lazy asshat) is going to be oversea's for the next 10 days. My co-worker and BFF brother figure Mat and I get free rain to do our work without seeing him sit there on his ass and do nothing.. And whatever ever he does do, well lets just say its not done well.
I did however have a very very difficult time getting to sleep last night, considering all the sleep all weekend being exhausted. It took me more than 3 hours to get to sleep.. That's a long time even for me.

I'm staying with the lexapro.
My anger has really died down, that was something I was strugling with.
I'm NOT a violent person, but I was raising my voice and storming off alot.. thats not really the best impression while working.

I haven't seen my dad in more than a week.
His girlfriend is so NEEDY.
Seriously, yesterday he goes to me.

"Man, this relationship thing is hard"
Really? No kidding.. coz last time i checked.. I was the child and you were the adult and your meant to be giving out the advice???


I had my monthly microderm, love it.. seriously I'm so addicted.
I also love the girl who does my eye brows, she does such an amazing job.
She also gave me a tip to reduce some pimples that I have, so im gonna test it and see how it goes.

Well I haven't really got much else to say.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I'm off too watch some bad tive.


looking4#3 said...

Hey---are you holding out tips on us?? Please do tell, I could use any and all help!!!
Hopefully you will get some more rest/sleep tonight!!!

Bella said...

Did you say pimple tips?! Help a sister out!

Hope you get some rest tonight and that your dad gets rid of the needy chick! I just don't get women like that. Ugh!