Sunday, May 3, 2009

If you look up lazy in the dictionary

You will find my picture.
No motiviation, I suck.
I was having really bad thoughts last night.
Really bad, thoughts about dying before i've really even lived.
It upset me.

I'm meant to be meeting my dad in a few hours.
I really and I mean REALLY can't be bothered.
But I know if I don't go I'll disapoint myself and set myself up for a shitty week.

I went to the casino last night.
Yeah I know, gambling is bad.
but its SO GOOD.
I played poker for a few hours, and I lost a little bit of cash-ish.
But its okay.
I could afford to.;
Suprisingly im getting better at managing my monthly finances.
As long as I dont have any little suprises around the corner, I'll be a-ok.

I didn't do my washing yesterday.
And I haven't vacumed the floor, or cleaned the car.

After my scary thoughts last night I couldnt sleep, and I woke up pretty darn early to.

I'm a sook.
I know.. I know..


Sarah said...

Sometimes, its cool to be lazy.

Andrea said...

You are allowed to be lazy on the weekends! What would weekends be without laziness?! ;) I'm sorry you were having such scary thoughts. I hope you are doing better now. ((HUGS))