Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the award for the best daughter in the world goes too

I am so tired, but still awake.
I figure If I can keep checking on dad til about 4am... ish he'll stay awake for his test tomorrow. It's important.
I am wrecked, and in the midst of an emotional conflict...
More on that later

LAYER ONE: On The Outside
- Name: Caragh
- Nickname: Caz,Obeone,Doeven,Dobean,Raragh
- Birth date: Feb 15
- Eye Color: Green
- Hair Color: Blonde
- Height: 5'4 1/2
- Righty or Lefty: Righty
- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

LAYER TWO: On The Inside
- Your heritage: Dutch mostly
- Who you look like: Both my parents
- Your weakness: Love
- Your fears: I am fearless.. that or big spiders, death and fire
- Your perfect pizza: BBQ meat lovers
- Goal you'd like to achieve: Go back to uni, find partner, have babies.. all before im 30... I know i'm dreaming

LAYER THREE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
- Your most overused phrase on messenger: lol
- Your thoughts first waking up: noooooooo
- Your best physical feature: My eyes and the jaw/teeth that cost me $10,000
- Your bedtime: N/A.. Insomnia is AWESOME
- Your most missed memory: Being in love

- Pepsi or Coke: Coke
- McDonald's or Burger King: HUNGRY JACKS(aussie verison of burger king)
- Single or group dates: Single
- Adidas or Nike: Nike
- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
- Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccion

- Smoke: Yes, sadly
- Cuss: fuck no!
- Sing: I used to do it alot, now not so much
- Believe in yourself: Ha gawd no
- Get motion sickness: Nope
- Think you're attractive: Nope
- Think you're a health freak: Not even close.
- Get along with your parents: My dad goes alright
- Like thunderstorms: Love them.
- Play an instrument: I used to sing and I can play mary had a little lamb on the recorder

LAYER SIX: In the past month...
- Drank alcohol: Um, yes.
- Smoked: Yes
- Done a drug: Nope
- Gone to the mall: Yes
- Cried: hmmm yes
- Kissed someone you didnt want to: Nope,
- Been on stage: ??? No.
- Gone skating: No, but I so totally would.
- Gone skinny dipping? No
- Dyed your hair: Nope
- Stolen anything: Nope

- Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yes
- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Very
- Been caught "doing" something? I like to have sex in public so err yes
- Gotten beaten up? Yes
- Shoplifted: Never ever

LAYER EIGHT: Getting Older
- Age you hope to be married: I don't want to get married
- Numbers and Names of Children: WOA thats too far ahead.
I want a couple of kids, but as for names I would like to name one after my mum as a second name
- Describe your dream wedding: N/A
- What country would you most like to visit: FIJI!!

LAYER NINE: In a partner
- Best eye color: Eh.. i'm not fussed.. probably lighter than darker though
- Hair color: Not fussed as long as they like it
- Short or long hair: Short on guys, long on girls.(I swing both ways..sorta)
- Height: Taller than me
- Weight: N/A
- Best articles of clothing: Nothing thats too tight on guys.. for a woman anything that suits them and makes them feel beautiful

LAYER TEN: In The Numbers...
- Number of people I could trust with my life: ??????
- Number of CDs that I own: 40??
- Number of piercings: Just ear lobes.
- Number of tattoos: Three
- Number of times name has appeared in the newspaper? No Idea


theworms said...

Great introduction.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Great meme! Lots of interesting info...


Beautiful Mess said...

Thanks for your comment about my cake! I'll come over for soon as I get to Australia...

But..I'm Dutch too and I have an Oma! I was reading about your loved ones on your blog, so sorry about all of them. I truly am. My mom passed away a little over three years ago and I JUST barley came to terms with it.

Anyway, just wanted to pop on over and say hi and thank you!
*HUGS and *ICLW*

Rambler said...

Hi, just stopping by from ICLW! Right when I hit your blog page, I loved your template graphic. And then as I read your sideline bar on everything you've dealt with in life, that graphic has even more meaning to it.

Hold onto your strength and your courage, I bet a lot of people can learn from you.

Hope your dad's testing goes ok.