Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bitchy mck bitch

For 95% of the work day today.. I was in a foul mood.
I kept too myself because I can REALLY be a mole if I wanna be.

I was still pissed off about last night.
Still a little hungover/tired.
and I am also PMSing.
I am actually hoping AF shows up this cycle because if it doesnt it will freak me out and send me back to the doctor to change pills.
And I honestly can't be bothered with any of that jazz.

Towards the end of the day I lightened up a bit.
I spoke to one of the guys who was relevativly sober on the bus ride home.
He still thought it was funny how everyone giggled and went
o0o0o0o when I put my head on B's shoulder.

How something so innocent can be such a big deal.
Thankfully most of the people on the bus were probably to drunk to remember.
M my friend pointed out that the most important people (Manager of marketing who is my boss, and the manager of sales who is B's boss) wouldn't have thought anything suspscious of the situation.
If anything my boss was probably just worried that my friendship with B could cause me to be maniuplated by him.. as he is in sales (No offense to anyone in sales) but he COULD use my knowledge and access at work too his own benefit.
But he doesn't and if he did cross the line. I would poliety tell him to F-OFF.

Starving ness has totally hit me, as I did have something for breakfast.. But we had like a little finger food lunch and my tummy is grumbling.
I am very much hoping for a good night's sleep this weekend.

If I am MIA for the next few days its because my dad hasn't paid the electricty bill and our power may be disconnected.
Yes I'm serious. I was SO pissed. I'm like "DAD IF YOU DIDN"T HAVE THE MONEY I COULD HAVE PAID IT"
It pisses me off that after everything he is still reluctant to sell his motorbike. He needs to do it to get ahead.
Yet he is still funding his very wealthy girlfriends lifestyle.

Whatever, stupid people make stupid choices huh.
Ha like I can talk.
What's that saying? Stupid is.. as stupid does.

I will say, apart from the bus drama I really had a fantastic time last night.
Sometimes when you work with people for so long but don't socialise with them.
You forget they are real people... I know that sounds weird.
But everyone will know what I mean.

My friend M is taking 3 days off. He got married almost a year ago and is yet to take his honeymoon. They have an 18 month old, who they have never spent the night away from. Him and his wife are gonna take some quality time and get J babysat this week. He really deserves some time off, but damn im gonna miss him.

I don't know how I'm going to deal with my boss for the next 3 days though.
He is so stupid at times its unbearable. He sent an important document back to the states today with "categorie" on it.. yeh.. I do believe its catergory.. But whatever mr on 50 K more than me a year with your 2 houses, a boat, a caravan and an apparent degree.
Yeh fricken right.

We are having a sales guy come in tomorrow and pitch a printer to us which will be quite an expensive capital equipment investment in the recession. Not that he know's what this means.. or will know any of the correct questons to ask. He is all MONEY MONEY MONEY. I have a list of questions and I hope he just sits there, shuts up and lets me get the right printer for our needs because hot damn the last one he brought would be a failure as something to be blown up. Its just THAT CRAP.

Wow all this bitchy-ness has certainly made me hungry.
I'm going to get this for dinner.
I am SO addicted, they just opened one near my house and the food is so fricken good.
I love love love it.. I just have to learn that because its got lettuce and tomato does not make it healthy...


heyLyss09 said...

my boss told me yesterday that for what he paid for our print and copy machine, he could lease us all company cars! I never would have guessed

Anonymous said...

If you want people to mind their own business don't give them a reason to talk about you. If you're going to hang all over a married man, you're going to be talked about. If you have so much respect for him and his marriage...keep your skanky hands off him. He's married. geez.